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Thursday, November 17, 2011

No scurvy

I haven't done anything vintage-y in a bit and I am absolutely in LOVE with this hat (and so is H), so I wanted to build something fun around it. As some of you may know by now: I love sailors! I usually stick to wearing nautical outfits only in the summer, but I just couldn't help myself today. SO I tried to transform the cheeky sailor look into something more glam (and warm!).
I stayed over at the bf's last night for a bit of a movie night to wind down after this hectic term and today I had  a coffee and shopping date with my one and only BFF, S :) And we managed to get in plans for a fabulous birthday cruise next spring (fingers crossed it works out). 

The famous vintage hat, paired with a gorgeous vintage-look scarf

A very basic stripey top, jeggings and comfy booties and a GLORIOUS (and comfy!) faux-fur coat.

Ninja loves you!

1 comment:

Nicole said...

Beautiful outfit ! You look great and the most I like the scarf :)