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Thursday, November 17, 2011

slim pickins

After my final day of term I was feeling a bit moody and stressed so H and I went out for bagels and doughnuts (what's with all this food with holes tasting so fantastic?!?) and did a bit of window shopping. I also managed to convince him to get a quick snap of my outfit, by pretending we were tourists (which would explain the lack of selection today :P).

Patterned slouchy trousers from Topshop as the piece to center around, a black knit (you've seen it about a billion times now :P), a black crocheted scarf and the denim biker jacket from H&M.

Lots of kisses once again,

1 comment:

Angela Marie said...

LOVE this outfit!!!

I wish I could wear crazy patterned pants but my booty is too big and it would make it look super huge! Haha, love this though.