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Friday, November 4, 2011

and I'm feeling goo-ooooood!

 I have FINALLY really and truly decided on my Uni applications! I have found a variety of interesting programs including History and International relations, Social Anthropology and Development and International Fashion Branding (very me!) and I couldn't be more excited about what the future may have in store.
What I know that the future has in store for me is a flemarket date with my once and only BFF, S. You see I'm on a quest to find the perfect date-night dress, since H and I are going out for dinner to celebrate 1,5 years together and our mutual love of Italian food.

Today's outfit: Loose black blouse from Gina Tricot over a basic beige top, traizer (lovechild of a trench-coat and a blazer) from MONKI and my super duper platform shoes from MONKI as well. 

And my cherished coke earrings from back home in Tanzania

I am so filled with love today I cannot begin to explain it.
Have a great weekend my angels!



Joyce said...

Love your blazer and scarf! Your earrings are so cool :)

VeRo! said...

lovable and fun!!!!

Juuli said...

heiiii mul on kans noi cola-korvikset tangawisien lisäks!! ;)