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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Look who I spotted today!

While shopping in downtown Helsinki I spotted my FAVOURITE contestant of the ongoing Finland's Next Top Model contest. Estonian-born Helen Preis,20, is a dance teacher by training, but I could really see succeeding in modelling due to her fantastic face and explosively bubbly personality! (I sorta wish I'd had the guts to go ask her something :P). And it doesn't hurt that she takes absolutely stunning pictures and is fluent in English. She's actually been signed to an agency back in Estonia prior to the show, and Finnish agencies are going nuts about her. The only criticism so far has been that she's very athletic and therefore a little too big for international markets. 
Here's hoping that we'll see much more of her very soon!

What do you lot think?



fashion suicides said...

How cool that you met her!


Kaitlin Mattingly said...

lucky you meeting her.
I love when things like that happen(:

xoxo katlin

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear that she's your favourite :) She's one of my best friends and it's annoying to see people hating her just because of the show.. most ppl just don't seem to realize that even though it's a reality TV show, it's edited and it's easy to pick what you want to show in the show and what you don't. And just because Helen has got guts to criticize other contestants, she seems to be the only one talking bad about other girls and it seems that she never talks about them in a good way... If you happen to see her again, you should say something to her if you want to, she's social and a really nice girl!! :)

Ninja said...

ah I think she's SO super and I'm totally kicking myself for not saying anything :)
She seems like too much fun to be around!
Say hi for me ;)


Juuli said...

Helen on niiiiiiiin paljon parempi Suomen huippiksissa kun jotkut muut! mä näin täl viikol sen blondin marin sieltä ohjelmast, se on kans joskus pelannu mun kaa junnuna ringettee :DD

Helen Preis said...

Was browsing through blogger and came across your blog! Thank you for the appreciation. And yeah, I'm always open to talk. Wondering who's my anonymous best friend :D

Good luck and keep up the blog!


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