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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The morning after

We got to sleep in for a looong time this morning :) H made me a massive Sunday breakfast complete with sausages, eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice and plenty of coffee! I haven't needed anything to eat since. Today I'm just gonna have a quiet day at home preparing for work tomorrow. I love Sundays!

A chilled out Sunday-outfit: band shirt from Istanbul, jeggings, Bianco footwear  platform heels a cute little coat and my favourite scarf!

haha H managed to capture a sneeze on camera :P!

I will have to take a piccie of my Subway uniform for you lot, it is just TOO funny :D I love it! I'm actually really enjoying my job so far, but I am getting a little sick of eating subs :P


p.s. I REALLY can't wait for Christmas!


ellakii sedgwick said...

love the shoes hunny!!
kisses from,

Cicatrix said...

love the heels :))
ja se tässä taudissa on valitettavaa ettei kukaan tunnu pystyvän auttamaan...

Mary said...

I love those shoes!

Sally said...

Cute outfit! Thanks for suggesting your blog. All the posts I've read I am enjoying & now following. =]

Lovely Shopdiction

Sally said...

Oh and I totally agree about the animal testing! Its disgusting & stupid. Glad you will also protest them. =]

Joyce said...

Your shoes and t shirt! I love them :) And I like your pictures, you look so happy.