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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Update on the UNhate campaign

Apparently the Vatican has already sued Benetton for their ad with the pope kissing and imam, and it has been pulled out of use.
Chill out guys! Nobody's suggesting that the pope's gay, all they want is to bridge the gaps between opposing forces in the world (forces that ought to really be working together)!

But that's just my opinion.


Lizzie said...

Word!!! How silly is that?!


VeRo! said...

totally agree with you.I think that people like the pope or politicians they they should not take care of these things. they make them seem so small to my eyes.

thanks for the comment. the funny thing is that i am not a shoe person. but when it is about to buy new shoes I am searching a looot!!!!

have a nice week dear!