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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Funny story of the day

Yesterday as I was about to cross the road, a skater bumped into me. I turned around to say "oy!", but as I saw the skater I choked on my words: it was a granny decked out in the coolest skater gear! All I could do is smile as she continued her journey. True story!

Well here's my OOTD:

My favourite knit, a white knit scarf, a DAVID beanie,  a brandy melville dress shirt, Levi's BF fit jeans , thrifted booties and my mum's old knitted backpack.

Kisses to my darlings!


Nicole said...

Cool scarf! :)

Vote for the greatest icon on my blog ! :)

lubie. said...

lovely blog, thankyou so much for your comment on mine, i am following you back!

jamie said...

haha, coolest story ever! youre looking fab, babe

x jamie

Jo said...

very cool, I love the scarf!very original and comfy-looking.

jo from

Joyce said...

Haha I like your story :)And your scarf looks so awesome, I love your outfit!