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Monday, November 21, 2011

So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned

Today I was reading one of my favourite blogs: that of the lovely (and insanely creative) MaryLou.Cinnamon. Her most recent post featured various bits of 60s inspiration. My eyes were instantly drawn to Jim Morrison's copper haired girlfriend: Pam Courson. So I did a bit of research and I absolutely fell in love with her hair and carefree style. While I've certainly heard of her before because of her famous bf, I never really gave her too much thought. Obviously a HUGE mistake!  I wish I could somehow tap into her charisma...

Well, without further blabber here's some of my findings for your viewing pleasure:

I want to look like her!

Although I never  experienced the 60s myself (obviously), I feel that I can sympathize with the freedom that is so evident in a lot of the material from the era. Speaking for myself ,and so many other enthusiasts, it would be amazing to even see a glimpse of that in today's hurried cookie-cutter society.


p.s. This reminds me that I have to henna my hair again!


Sarah said...

Aww she looks so beautiful! I love how she also looks really carefree! Following your blog :).


CheckMyFashion said...

very beautiful have good taste on pretty things ;)

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Erika said...

beautiful pics

I follow you, I hope that you follow me too <3

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Mary Lou said...

oh ninja are you so cute and such a darling!!!;) this post really makes me smile and happy. pam is really beautiful! she had so gorgous hair and the pictures of her with jim together are so adorable, i even can feel the love between them looking at the fotos ;)
i feel like you i sympathize with the freedom and love feeling!
wish you a very fantastic monday darling!

ellakii sedgwick said...

lovely pics!!i also used to love the 60s
kisses from,

Lizzie said...

Love each and every image. I want her :)


KathyBeauPeep said...

Lovely. XO