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Monday, November 14, 2011

Winter came last Thursday

I hope you lot haven't felt too neglected lately. As I've said before it's the very end of term, so I've been insanely busy with my assignments as well as playing soccer mum (aka babysitting...for 12 hours!) and starting my new job at Subway (which is awesome , btw!). Phew.  But here's some of my (very late) updates from last week.

Mr frosty visited that night. I woke up and thought it was snow. My school day wasn't very long, so I finally had the time to make a bit of a lunch for myself: spinach and ricotta ravioli with a creamy bacon sauce and greens. I got a bit carried away with the camera- winter is always pretty to start with, before the sludge kicks in. Outside it's sub zero (celcius), but inside on my sofa by the radiator it's nice and toasty :) 

Layered outfit: H&M biker denim jacket, an elongated waistcoat from MONKI a flowy black top and leggings. The scarf softens the harsh look of the multitude of black.

The shoulder ornament on the waistcoat.

More to come VERY soon!


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