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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm still alive!

It's been a busy couple of days since it's almost the end of term (essays, exams, lab reports etc.), that combined with having to constantly work on my Uni applications makes me a really bad blogger. For an instance: right now I am wearing a killer outfit (I know, I know it's like saying I caught a 50 pound fish), but I have been so swamped with work all day that when I finally plopped myself on the couch I can't, for the life of me, get up. So I guess a repeat of this is due very soon ;)

I can, however, offer you yesterday's outfit:

The inspiration: chilled out bf jeans, a big scarf. Just relaxed cool :) But with a bit of a ninja twist.

The look: Levi's bf jeans, a MONKI blazer, a rocker tee, comfy scarf and a silly little captain's hat to add to the thrown together look.

Polished off with a pair H&M booties,

My bag (which I LOVE because it looks like a vintage binocular case). 

I thought that these golden-hued rings looked stunning and cool together. The apple is a gift from my one and only H and the treble clef is from Rome.

Now I'm having a smoked salmon sandwich and a hot choc for dinner :) (made by my sister, who rocks...just btw :P )

Talk to you soon!


kath said...

nice outfit! love your bag! :)


Baby Budget Blog said...

LOVE that music note ring!! And yup, scarves always work!

Clément Dezelus said...

Follow you girl ! Amazing blog !