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Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Denmark experience- IN ONE DAY

We woke up in the morning in a quaint Swedish town and hopped on a train to Helsingborg, from where we took a ferry to Helsingör (I hope I got them the right way round :P). There we visited the Elsinore castle, which is said to have been Shakespeare's inspiration for Hamlet (it is not known if mr. S himself visited, but players of his company definitely did, since the castle had a reputation of throwing the best parties in Europe...or so the Danes say ;). As a lover of classic literature and history I really enjoyed the visit.
Afterwards we had a lunch platter (20 different things to try) in a lovely Sicilian restaurant and did a bit of shopping after. Then we were already rushing to catch our next train; this time to Copenhagen. The first thing we went to see was the little mermaid promptly followed by a castle (and I can't remember the name...pattern forming???) and after a small walkabout we also went to see the Amalienborg castle (hope I spelled that right, sorry Danes) which is the current residence of the royal family.
After all those castles we went for a walk in the trendy cafe district and port area and I ended up having the BEST hot chocolate of my life (so dark and creamy...mmm). That was followed by a quick shopabout in the main shopping area, Ströget, where I found a great pair of topshop trousers (featured in the next post).
After ALL of this, we hopped back on the train, got some takeout sushi and went back to my dad's place to eat it...needless to say I fell asleep the second my head hit the pillow, it was,after all, a 12hour day of dashing from place to place :P

I tried to take a creepy picture for halloween's sake...emphasis on the word tried ;)
My outfit: the same parka and shoes, denim shirt tucked into Zara shorts, a hat and a big scarf

A miniature of the Elsinore castle (this is pretty much what we saw of the outside of it since it was so foggy)

Denmark's national bird

The royal residence


In front of what I believe to be the Ripley's Believe it or not Museum. That was one tall guy, btw.

That's the biggest picture post done (phew!).



Mary Lou said...

hey this trip seems pretty awesome dear, great pictures!!! the famous mermaid ;) and i love the creepy zombie pic of you and the other one with the canons, fabulous hat;)
love and kiss,mary

Lizzie said...

These photos are amazing! I love how we can see your personality in each photo of you.....


Kristin Wyly said...

everything about this is fantastic

Esther said...

Daaaaaamn girl, your life seems so hectic compared to mine lol. Goshh only if I still lived in Denmark, then we could've definitely met for some shopping and F.O.O.D.

Great pictures and I love your outfit! :D