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Friday, June 17, 2011

A fair to remember

Had a gorgeous looooong day at the amusement park today. The weather was having moodswings, but for most of the time it was nice and sunny. I think I might be getting a little old for that kind of entertainment, because I have never feared rides this much in my life (but the adrenaline rush afterwards feels uh-mazing!).

My boy and the ferriswheel

The most popular ride at the park is the old wooden rollercoaster that's been there since '51 and still thrills me to the extreme (and it's smell of old timber is DIVINE!). Even though it's 60 years old the rollercoaster is not, however, the oldest ride. The carousel takes the top-spot at 115 years. A few years ago it still had most of it's distinctive original artwork, but I was disappointed to see that it had been restored. Both of them are just pure nostalgia for me! 

We ate at a 50s- style diner (what I'm sitting on is a car-shaped couch...cute!)

I solved my pickle of trying to find appropriate clothes for the amusement  park by wearing a billowy, printed blouse from JC, black shorts and strappy sandals. For my own comfort and safety I left accessorizing to the minimum this time.

My new favourite nailpolish. I spotted this summery shade at a department store for 6 euro after which I walked into H&M to discover the very same colour for ONE euro (LUCKY ME!). The only thing that bugs me is that the plastic wrap on the nail polish has the shade labled as "deep sea" and the bottle claims it's "lavender"...I don't really think either of them hit the spot there!

This is a new ride called "ukko" (geezer) and it's graphics have a bit of a 60s design to it (plus they play music from the era). The ride itself is, however, not as mellow and peaceful as you would expect. It spins around at 105km/h and goes up to 50m. There's hurtling all around and free falling backwards and forwards. My knees were definitely shaking once I finally got off, and I was certainly happy to make it out alive (yes, I'm a wuss!). So scary I almost wet myself, but SO worth it :) If I go back next year I'll have to ride this again!!

For me a day at the fun-park is never complete without a  Huge wad of cotton candy

All in all a successful and action-packed day, can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. I'll be back in the fleamarkets, hopefully finding lots of treasures to show you lot. I'm especially on the lookout for a wristwatch.

You know the drill:" 'Till then xxxxx""

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