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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shades of grey

 So, one thing that proves that I'm a girl is my undying love for chocolate. We've had a rather intimate relationship for a while now and today we hit a new high...more about that soon...I've had a pretty perfect day: woke up next to my boyfriend and surprised him with breakfast in bed (yes, I'm the best girlfriend ;) and in the afternoon I went shopping with my friend (I found a great pair of earrings!). We came back to my house and made iced choco-mocha drinks, brownies, watched friends and went for a bit of a pizza-run. Perfection! Although after a few days of not eating too much (out of laziness) today's binge is hitting me pretty hard :P Here come the chocolate sweats...

Gorgeous sheer blouse from ASOS (like 50 sizes too big, but that's the way I love it) and a pair of high-waist shorts from Gina Tricot.

Notice the dangling earrings with little pearls on them (LOVE!). They were only a euro at the fleamarket.

Based on the way I'm feeling, the diet starts tomorrow...after I finish off the brownies...and the pizza ;)

all the best



Nelson said...

I'll be fine eventually, don't worry :) not today...but eventually...

fashion suicides said...

Waw, thanks for the HUGE compliment you gave on my blog! It means a lot to me. I really like your blog too, following!


Ninja said...

I still do worry!

And thank you SO much :D I'm following too, you really have a great blog!