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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finally some easy hair inspiration!

I'm dying to try out this easy, light and woven hairdo: I think that's something even I could do (and I'm such a hair-noob, since I used to keep it quite short...)

Today's a bit of a day off (read: fat day.) so no outfits coming up, but I'm thinking if tomorrow's any better I'll be posting an outfit and my (less amazing) take on that hairstyle.

Today in true fat-day tradition I'll go for a bit of a jog and then spend the evening curled up on a couch with my best friend and m&m's. Perfection.


Sarah said...

super cute! definitely going to try this, let you know how it looks with dark hair

Ninja said...

I'll be trying it tomorrow...maybe. I'm currently doing this whole hair-treatment thing with natural oils to save my brittle ends. More about the results later. If it works out and my hair's ok tomorrow I'll try to post pics and stuff. Good luck!