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Friday, June 10, 2011

Carried away + a little extra

Yesterday my boyfriend prepared a rooftop picnic for me! Good food and good company definitely makes a good day. On the downside I got fined, because apparently my metro ticket hadn't registered properly at the machine. As if it's my fault that their machines are rubbish! Well, now I have to scrape together 80 euros for it, unless my complaint goes through (fingers crossed). This morning we made a really big bacon and eggs breakfast and watched queer eye for the straight guy :)

This dress with the tutu-like hem reminds me a little of the tutu Carrie wears in the opening sequence to Sex and the City. I paired it with a simple straw hat with a ribbon and no jewellery to keep it somewhat casual.

Did my hair in a quick and chic braided chignon . I love my sequined bikini to bits, the champagne colour really emphasizes the little tan I have.

Since I was wearing rather dressy ensemble yesterday I decided to wear something more relaxed and quirky today. Still following the rather simple style I've grown to love, I went with a very basic black mini, sunnies and my favourite "non-band shirt"t-shirt (there's a mouthful for you). My hair is usually straight with a slight curl or a wave, but today I woke up with a frizz. Instead of desperately trying to tame it, I decided to work with it and incorporate it into the quirkiness of my look.

Sorry about that caption. You'd think I'm writing like a novel here from the walls of text.

My boyfriend surprised me with a little plastic bag from H&M containing something rather cute (which you will be seeing tomorrow). HINT: It's orange! (I've been craving for something orange throughout this spring, because it seems to be the colour of the moment.)

'Till tomorrow, then



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