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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pictures are worth a 1000 words

Congratulations to the Seniors, From Ursula (a cafe)
Leaving the school
This picture of us made it into Finland's biggest online newspaper (and they mentioned that our truck was the coolest!) we have to see if they actually publish it!
Notice the banner of the pinup sitting on the hood of a car (I'll try to get you a better picture soon!).
Here's a look into a silly Finnish tradition where seniors (called ABIs here) take a truck ride through the city center on their last official day of school and throw candy at people.  Yesterday was our turn after year and years of waiting. And yeah, most of the time we were singing or screaming our heads off, not looking too graceful...but hey, at least we had fun!
Photos credited to my lovely friend and fellow classmate Soffi, who was one of the few who remembered to bring a camera. Well done!

I'll be adding some more pictures as they pop up on FB (I forgot my camera, I have to rely on stealing pics).

Hope you've enjoyed this photo explosion!


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