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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Take me to a punk rock show!

Here are some pictures of last night's gig. Not too amazing, but I honestly couldn't be arsed to worry about that, when I was having the best time of my life!
The opening act: Mike Herrera, sorry about the awful lighting
Here he's joined by his band (including a very yummy guitar-player)
Epic entry: the FM flag is raised and these guys burst in and drive the crowd wild

Dave King and his beautiful wife, Bridget Reagan (who really should sing more often, because she has the voice of an angel!)
I had made a list of songs I wanted to hear, and when they finished they hadn't played Float or Seven deadly sins (two of my all time faves), but they came back and did them for the encore and perfected my night!

We made a pact with J to go see them every time we're anywhere near where they're playing, because it was amazing (way better than the rolling stones according to J)! I just need something to look forward to again. 

Oh by the way, we're ordering matching FM shirts online (black ones with a shamrock).

Hope everyone's well!

Lots of love



t said...

Sounds like you had an awesome time!

The Style Realist said...

Music is always a good time...

Esther said...

thank you!x
Oh how cool. How did you like it there? :) and how was your trip... i mean like where did you start and finished. It sounds so interesting :D

I really want to visit South Africa sometime.

indie by heart said...

Vastailin kommenttiisi omassa boxissa! ^^
OO, siistiƤ.. Mike Herrerakin oli jurassicissa!

Lizzie said...

AHHHH MxPx, sooo awesome! They are from where I grew up and currently live, it was so much fun seeing them as a kid and then seeing them a few months ago again :) haha

glad you had so much fun!