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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Metalface no more

I am now brace free! :) It hurt like hell when they took them out, since they have to twist and pull the bracket off each individual tooth (AAAAARGH!), but the end result is totally worth these two years of pain.
I had a pretty ordinary, albeit short, school day after which we headed to H's to celebrate bracelessness. We ended up hanging out pretty late, which means to OOTD today (don't worry you didn't miss much :P).

I found a really cute old pair of knitted socks my gran made me and I noticed that socks are an accessory that often gets neglected. Here's inspiration for how to seriously rock a pair of socks:

And here's one I probably won't be trying any time soon (even though she pulls it off :)

Good night, beauties. Tomorrow I will bare my teeth ;)


indie by heart said...

onnea onnea ! miä olisin halunnu joskus saada alahampaisiin raudat mutta lekurin mielestä on vain kosmeettinen haitta, pöh.. :D

ps. vastasin (vähän omalla tavallani) blogi-awardiiin ^^ kiitos viel! ♥

Bad Joan said...

Congratulations!! Big accomplishment. Love the red patent leather.


Mary Lou said...

wow i´m so love, red doc martins!!! so hot and stylish!!!
love and kiss,mary

Baby Budget Blog said...

Love these images! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog!

Lily said...

congrats on getting your braces off hun! sorry to hear about the pain, i hope it'll go away :(

LOVE docs! red docs with knitted socks! why didn't I think of that! lol. I'm still trying to think what I should wear with my docs, i got it 1 size too big :(