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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One shoe wonder :)

I've always hated Wednesdays. Considering that, today wasn't too bad. I had time to reconnect with people I had lost touch with over the summer and to get to know people I never really talked to better. After an initial period of intense anxiety in the morning (that I sorted out with a brisk walk and coffee during my skip) I actually had a very lovely day. 
I started studying French! I only have two courses scheduled so far, but if all goes as planned, I wish to continue beyond that. Since I did a bit of French in middle school (with extremely poor success), I am still pretty much ahead of most of my classmates. When we get to the area I lack in, grammar, I'm sure they will catch up real quick...This time around I swear I will work for it, because I really want to learn!
My boyfriend made me dinner today and we hung out and watched the biggest loser :) Perfect way to wind down.  I also got a ride home. I don't know what I've done to deserve such a lovely bf (but it must have worked)! :)

The floral playsuit my bestie, S, bought me from New Look. A black knit from H&M. My wellies...sorry I'm getting so boring. I swear I'll wear different shoes tomorrow!!!

Barely visible- my single pink nail among the blue ones. I thought it was funny and cute,  people at school were just confused :P

As you can tell I've started to include a bit of music in my posts as well. I don't really know if anyone's interested, but music is the only thing that keeps me sane when things get stressful so I think I'll keep posting songs here when I feel like it.




original seed said...

not heard this song in years brings back some memories - thank you

B. said...

I LOVE THESE! And i love the playsuit!