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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Girlfriends are the best stylists

 Yesterday we made bacon and egg sammies in the morning and watched the biggest loser :) Later we headed to Ikea for some imaginary furniture shopping. I ended up buying a set of 3 spatulas (partly because they cost 50 cents, partly because my horrific cooking ruined one of mum's and I figure it would be a nice gesture...). We had a 2euro lunch there: 2 hotdogs, 2 drinks, a cinnamon bun and 2 coffees. INSANE! I was so full that I barely made it back to his car!
Later I met up with one of my bestest friends in town for some window shopping and just general catching up. We later came back to H's place to play Mario-party . He was having a boy's night and I needed some moral support. So we locked ourselves in his room and played for 2½h (it might'v been nice to play something different for a change, but that's the only game that I'm clever enough to play...)

A slightly sheer dress-shirt from Turkey tucked into a pair of TOPSHOP shorts. Also featuring my new bag.

Topped off with various red details: Sunnies, a red necklace (worn sort of like a cravat) and a ring (see the next picture).

 A little over a year ago when we started dating, all my man would wear were PUMA-shirts (most of them incredibly worn out) and black jeans that he'd grown out of. As endearing as it was (really, it was) some advice in the fashion field never hurt :)
Here he is wearing some of his pressies from Turkey:

Chinos from one of the markets and a TOPMAN shirt with the cookie monster on it (how could I NOT buy it?). To prove that he really has developed a sense of style: the blue cradie, which he not only bought all on his own, but also paired with the outfit all alone :) 

Adorable, huh?

Today we're driving down to the summer-house for a bit of a getaway, but I'll get back to you lot on Thursday! 

Thank you ever so much to all of you who've been commenting, I try to get back to each and every single one of you (and I think I have. Then again I'm so unorganized chances are I missed someone.. :/ )

I wish you lot the bestest of the best!



ps. I can't believe I got H to model for me!!!!! :)


Renée said...

2 stylish outfits :) xo

Anonymous said...

great post!
I love the ouftits
following your blog x

Esther said...

Love the outfits. You boy know how to dress :P

Leya said...

lovely top! you look great! <3