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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Resting before I get tired

Today was date day. We went out for bagels and donuts and a bit of window shopping :) I have to admit that due to school stress I wasn't really completely into it, but if there's someone who can calm me down when I get all mental (apathetic half the time and ridiculously stressed the other half) it's him.
I decided that it's better for my mental health if I don't study for my matriculation exams today, so instead I took a long bath with a fizzer, made a yummy greasy dinner and listened to the velvet underground. I might still light some incense to perfect this evening of relaxation :) It is working, though, I'm pretty much back to normal now. Nothing like a good, lazy Sunday afternoon. 

I basically live in my Levi's. I wore them with an asos dress (as a top) and little black shoes from DINSKO.

A chainy-knotty neckalce thing, one of my faves (from Glitter)

A new ring from Ibero (cost a measly 2 euros :P)

My incredibly healthy (cough, cough) fry-up dinner consisting of 4 huge mushrooms, an egg, 4 slices of bacon and a tomato. All seasoned with Italian herbs and fresh basil. Mmmmm :) (I know, I know: it looks like breakfast.)

Bath-time perfection: Sephora bath fizzers (courtesy of my bff, who has no idea how much they really helped today!).

Next week I honestly don't have anything but school to look forward to (at least yet), so hopefully I won't bore you guys to death :) If it's any consolation: I'm pretty much out of school in a few months and on to more exciting endeavors. 

Here's wishing you lot a very happy and exciting week!

Ninja (loves you)


Anonymous said...

I love your oufit!
mmm food looks delish xx

Carly said...

oh wow, probably the sweetest comment ive ever recieved. thank you. :)

indie by heart said...

Ihana seilorihenkinen asu! ^^ Koru on tosiaan aika nätti, ei ihmekään että yksi lemppareita!

xx indie by heart

Bethany Heron said...

You look amazing, great outfit! :) xx

Sandra said...

I really like your top. :)

Esther said...

Ugh you and all your cute outfits. Im so jealous that you get to dress up almost every day haha while im in bed all day. I love the idea of tucking in the dress. I wouldn't even have know if you didn't mention it :P

Cherry said...

I love your outfit!

Effy said...

hey dear, thanks for the comment :D your blog is bliss !!

xoxo <3

Kat said...

that top is so cute!! and your necklace is awesome!! :)

Holziepink said...

Hello :) Just wanted to leave a comment to let you know how much I'm enjoying your blog - you have a beautiful sense of style, I love your outfit in these pictures. Good to hear you've had a relaxing sunday, you can't study all the time!
Also want to thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog, I'm new to blogging so it really meant a lot to me, thank you :) Where abouts in Turkey did you go? I hope you had a fab time like I did, I just adore it over there :) I'm gonna be posting some pics from over there soon so have a look if you get a chance :)
Take care and I look forward to your next post!
♥ Holz oxo

Mars said...

Oh I used to be super stressed as well when I was still a student! It's nice to wind down during the weekends and spend some quality time with the people who make you love. And by the way that outfit is chic! Your necklace is an interesting piece. That dress works really well as a top.
Mars of fashion insouciance

Anonymous said...

one of my old time favourite songs, so nice to come across it! thanks for stopping by & your comment :)

Lizzie said...

Thanks for the comment on my Tasty Tofu Pad Thai post :)

I love your necklace and that food looks yummyyyy haha

<3 your blog, following you now! Hope you will want to follow me too :)


iduska said...

Tuli kurkistamaan vastavierailulle kun olit jättänyt kommenttia. Ihana tuo koru!

menina elegante said...

I love your one shoulder top!! :D x

Dina said...

It must be lovely to have someone like that... I am still searching! But you shouldn't feel bad when you are so pretty.

Molly x said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog hun, look at my page at

Much Love Molly<3<3<3