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Monday, August 15, 2011

Hybrid season

It's too warm for a proper coat, too cool for one of my thin knits. It's raining and it feels like autumn, but the leaves are still as green as ever. I'm confused. I went with a very autumn-y outfit today, since that seems to be the direction I've chosen lately...but a part of me still wants to pull on my stripey dungarees and play summer again :D Here's some more rainy day material for you lot! 

Zara dress, MONKI Traizer (trench-blazer)

Thrifted earrings

Ring and nail varnish from Turkey

My FAVOURITE shoes. Worn and loved to pieces. I bought them at the flea market for a measly euro about a year ago and it might be about time to let go: the soles are tearing off (despite being glued back three times), the shoelaces are practically dead and the things you fasten them on are bent beyond recognition. But it's so hard to let go.

Do you have a pair of shoes/piece of clothing that you hold on to almost irrationally?

Thanks to everyone who's been commenting and following lately, it literally makes my day every day.



Dina said...

Thank you so much for the kind words on my blog; I am so happy I put a smile on your face! Will put you on my sidebar if you don't mind?

I do have many things that I hold on to as if only they exist in my wardrobe; it especially happens with shoes! I have two pairs of brogues from charity shops, much like yours, brown and go with everything, that I know I will wear to death. My mum, who grew up in Siberia, praises this habit in me - she always goes back to the soviet days where there was a queue round the entire block for a pair of winter boots that were worn sometimes for 8, 9, 10 years! God knows what they turned into afterwards :D

Molly said...

Love these! I'm following you, so couuld you follow me back?
Much Love Molly<3<3

Anonymous said...

Weather is crazier than ever! Love your nail color! And your dress!

Clara T said...

Thanks for your comment on our blog :)
I really like your blog, if you want we can follow each other? ;)

Helen said...

Love love LOVE that outfit! It's so gorgeous, particularly the dress!
I'm the same about my brogues, cannot stop wearing them, despite the fact that they've got paint and all sorts on them from - oh the perils of doing A level art! I think brogues are the kind of shoes that look good with age though :)


Izzy said...

Gorgeous coat- totally understand what you're saying! Thanks for the comment, and I've got a new post up! Izzy xo

ellakii sedgwick said...

my dear thanks so much for your lovely comment it really mean so much to me!!darling you have an adorable blog, so i'm following you
please support me back
kisses sweetheart :*

Holziepink said...

your dress is beautiful and i love those earrings :) also loved your umbrella post but my internet is being smelly and wont let me comment on it - the last 2 were very funny! i had an umbrella which had 'its raining men' written all over it and lots of little pictures of men, i was completely in love with it but unfortuneately it died earlier this summer :( i held onto it for so long; it can be difficult to get rid of your favourite stuff sometimes!
♥ Holz oxo

Esther said...

Your dress is so friggin cute! adore the shoes as well <3

In the Mode said...

Love the dress and the car looks amazing!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

So cute! x hivenn

Ninja said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gets way too emotionally attached to clothes :P
Thanks to all you lovely people here :D I will do my best to get around to you and comment back on your blogs (I am TERRIBLY unorganized, though so if I miss you out I'm SO sorry!).


Nicole said...

that's amazing- I love evertyhing that you're wearing here...and the car is awesome :)

vote for your favourite member of The Rolling Stones ->

tell yourself to be myself said...

thanks for ur comment darl~ love your nail colour!!

Mary Lou said...

oh i absolutely love this amazing pictures!!! your outfit is fabulous and the car in the background is just perfect!!! u got a new follower;)
and thank u for your lovely comment!
love and kiss,mary