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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The last of the summer wine

This weekend I celebrated the end of summer (Venetian festival, as they call it) up north with my boyfriend and his family. This included walking around the old town and the market square, traditional activities such as viewing a rowing contest, high jumping (a family tradition...),eating out at a lovely sailing club and shooting fireworks at night. We also went out for a midnight drive, which was pretty spectacular: the coastline was dotted with candles as far as the eye could see and fireworks went off at regular intervals.
Since the town where H's family is from, Kokkola, is pretty far north it was a 6 hour drive both ways. On Friday we made the most of the time and relaxed: long naps and a movie (Trainspotting, which I HIGHLY recommend!). Today I was fairly well rested, so I decided to study for my matriculation exams instead, while of course taking breaks to observe the gorgeous summery countryside.
Perfect ending to a perfect summer.

And here's a huge EXPLOSION of photos:

Friday outfit: black playsuit, dad's jacket, felt hat, biker boots

ASOS earring (hot air balloon one)

Saturday outfit: Gina Tricot poncho, Zara velvet shorts, Vila shirt and my gorgeous thrifted bikers.

H's cousin's puppy

Saturday evening: basic sequined shift dress, H&M block heels

There is also a bunch of very unflattering pictures taken of my and H napping in the car, but I think it's better that nobody ever sees them.

I hope you all had an incredible week end :)
Lots of love from a very tired Ninja.



Kaitlin Mattingly said...

omg i love these pictures truly looks like you had a blast.

xo kait

Esther said...

Thats is truly a great end to the summer. You and H look - ARE perfect for each other haha <3
plus how is it possible that a NINJA is tired. Never heard of that before ;)


Andrea said...

Loved your comment, I never saw that but you're totally right. I'm so jealous of your lovely photos :( I miss my bf so much.

Kelly-Ann said...

I love these images (especially the ones where you're in your Dad's jacket - too cool). I'm jealous of your midnight drive. I haven't been on one in so long :(

Lizzie said...

Ahhh these images are wonderful and I adore those hot air ballon cute!

Thanks for the lovely comment on my Layering with Lace post :)


Cee said...

It looks like you had such a beautiful weekend filled with spectacular scenery, beautiful outfits and lots of love. I love the night shots especially, the light and colours are just beautiful :)

cosmetic-junkie said...

Aw looks like you had such an amazing time, Love the poncho! That puppies gorgeous!!!!

Cherry said...

Love your outfit, especially the balloon earrings!

Fashion is a Lifestyle said...

Thanks for your comment lovely! Love love the aztec cape!


Denise Pacurar said...

Oversized blazers and sweaters are the best! Love that green blazer and that oversized sweater you have!

Looks like you had a fab weekend! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!

I am following you!

xoxo Denise

cristina petre said...

great outfits!