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Friday, August 12, 2011

Dave King, god I love that bastard!

Back from the Flogging Molly gig and my adrenaline is racing like crazy. I am so unbelievably happy words can't describe it. I want to scream, but mum's sleeping upstairs (and I already woke her once because I didn't have my keys...). Best f*cking way to spend 40 euros!
SO here's how the night went: walked in and got the best damn spot in the under 18s area, diagonal view to the stage, just enough space but not too much (next to a very cute, smiley boy. More about him later). The opening act was a teeny tiny bit all over the place (started with country and then went into full on punk), but it was still awesome. More or less because the guitar player was so damn into it. ahhh :)

 After about an hour of that the main man, mr. Dave King and his crew came on and the crowd goes wild. He was the funniest, cheekiest (bordering on rude) most rocking guy ever. I think they started with Tobacco Island or Swagger (I forget). Now, every time a really good song came on the guy would smile at me and I didn't think too much of it. J and I went NUTTY and did the jig when our fave, Drunken Lullabies, came on. We jumped, sang along to every song we knew (and some we didn't know so well). During one of my personal faves, If I ever leave this world alive, I totally had a moment with the mysterious smiley boy (it's an emotional song, how could I not?!) and J got a very wet, sweaty hug from a random guy. It was during rebels of the sacred heart when I waved at the guitar player, Nathan Maxwell, and he waved back (which makes it worth mentioning!).

After they had finished and disappeared they came back for several encores after minutes of us yelling "we want more". They start playing float, which I thought they wouldn't (since they finished and all...). God, I love that violin solo. They finished, I think, with seven deadly sins during which smiley boy kept brushing against me and smiling. After FM finished (for good :/ ) the song "always look on the bright side of life" comes on and we're swaying from side to side and msb (mysterious smiley boy) grabs my hand for the rest of the show. Made me feel so damn good. I mean I love H, I really do, but it's fun to know that I still hold a certain charm to other boys as well (and H gets bucketloads of female attention anyways :P).

When we walked out we were handed goodie bags: a Flogging Molly canvas bag, which was lovely because my handbag broke due to all that jumping around (I got the black one THANK GOODNESS), a single of "to youth" and a poster. Not bad :) I think I might have to order a tee online, though.

SO sorry about writing an effing novel, but I'll want to read this over again so I don't lose the memory of the insanely amazing evening I spent with one of my best mates!

ootd number 2:

Not very punky, but hey not many of us went all the way :) Besides it's definitely in the attitude, and J and I have got it down! 

Printed scarf over a loose knit worn with a basic top and Levi's

My gorgeous tasseled boots from MONKI

To sort out my conundrum with the camera earlier I decided to take my little one with me. Well I think it's fair to say that the lighting was crap, but I think I managed to get a few decent shots (which I will upload tomorrow because my sister has the cable).

Peace, Love and good night!




Liza said...

Those boots are SICK! Love love love them. Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by my blog. Following yours now!

XO, Liza
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My Stylish Little Secret said...

really nice scarf :)


My Stylish Little Secret

Kat said...

your scarf is soo pretty!! you look sooo cute :)

laura said...

Those are amazing boots! And your hair is fiery amazing!
♥ laura

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The Style Rawr said...

Cute outfit, the knit is so yummy! You have so gorgeous hair :)

Please out our blog & our latest post :)

T & J


RGV said...

Thank you for visit my site and for the compliments! You are so nice :)

Esther said...

Gosh your hair is so pretty.
Oh yeah almost forgot, I am from Zambia :)