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Saturday, August 20, 2011

I am so incredibly honoured to get chosen for the 'one lovely blog award' by the beautiful Esther. As a newbie it's pretty damn awesome to get recognition for my fellow bloggers so early on in the game. Thank you E, and thanks to all my followers :)

The Rules are:
Link back to the person who gave you the award.
Complete the form below.
Tell seven random things about yourself.
Nominate 15 bloggers.

Name your favorite color -> Can I have two? Red/black :)
Name your favorite song -> Right now it's I'll be your mirror by the Velvet Undergound and Nico. But it chages every day with my mood.
Name your favorite dessert -> Anything with tons of calories and double chocolate.
What pisses you off -> People who mess with my little siblings. Grrr.
When you're upset you -> I play the silent game if it's someone I don't know too well, but I yell if it's a family member (we're loud, that's what we do). Or (I hate to admit this) I cry.
Your favorite pet -> Dog girl, all the way.
Black or white -> Black.
Your biggest fear -> Heights, small spaces, getting hit by a car while crossing the road (I always forget to check if one's coming..oops) and a loved one dying. 
Your best feature -> My hair-colour (and that's from a package too :P)
Everyday attitude -> Happy not sad :) Mostly.
What is perfection -> One of those rainy days when you curl up on the sofa in your jammies, listen to really loud music, drink hot choco and read glamour. 
Guilty pleasure -> Ben and Jerry's cone with phishfood and strawberry cheesecake. mmmmm.

A lil about me:

  • I sleep on a two-person couch, because two years ago I decided I hated beds.
  • I was a tomboy growing up (short hair, sporty clothes, on all of the sports teams...I even got mistaken for a guy a couple of times)
  • Both of my younger sisters are taller than me.
  • I have the ugliest toes
  • I'm terribly indecisive (it took me months to decide whether I want to make this blog or not...SO glad I did).
  • One of my greatest pleasures in life is super markets. Even if I don't buy anything it's so nice to walk along the aisles and look at all that food and plan meals.
  • I'm a good cook, but the worst one in my family. We're foodies.
Those nominated are:

Thank you guys for reading!


Ninja (still loves you!)

Edit: Looks like I left one of Esther's answers here, while she 
has the most gorgeous skin tone and a great rear I'm more fond of my hair. Sorry for stealing your answer E, didn't mean to! :D


Montana said...

Hi lovely, thank you for checking out my blog. Sydney is amazing, you'll definitely have to visit! Where are you from?

Montana xx

Elien said...

Thanks for the award babe, really happy with it! Will get started on it as soon as things slow down here. It's nice to read some random facts about you, you seem a really nice person!

xo, Elien

Madeline said...

Congrats on your award. It's nice to get to know you a bit more! :)

*Cappuccino and Fashion* blog

Holziepink said...

so glad you've got a blog award, you really deserve it :)
really enjoyed reading your random facts!
really enjoying your blog still :)
follow me back? :)
take care, <3 Holz oxo

Agyness Nilsson Zackrisson said...

Awesome! :) How funny that i was a tomboy aswell, i just sitting and writing my blog award and have that one as one of my "7 things" :p
That´s awesome! I´ve been looking to get into that as well, think it would be loads of fun!
I moved here to study music, then I met my boyfriend and stayed :)
Yeah, you should, it´s apparently a wicked festival!


VeRo! said...

thank you so much sweetie!!!!! :D
<3 <3 <3


Esther said...

Ah you made my morning right there. I woke up feeling so tired and grumpy... now I feel a lil better hehe.

Your random facts are the most random unexpected ones - in a good way :D


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!! And also is very nice to know more about you ;)
Xxx so

indie by heart said...

Hei tää on hauska, tuun kattoo uudestaan kun olen kotona koneella ! ^^ Kiitos ♥

xx indie by heart

fashion suicides said...

Thank you so much, Ninja! It's really sweet of you! I appreciate a lot all your comments and support... I'm honored!


fashion suicides said...

Oh, and I have never met someone who hated beds :D haha ! Really interesting! You seem like a very nice person :).


EvA said...

Sweetie, thanx so much for the award!!! I appreciate it zoo much! You are amazing! And your blog is great! Hope to stay in touch:)

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