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Monday, May 30, 2011

Life wisdoms from Pangcakes

So, I'm taking a leaf out of my favourite-blogger's ( book and taking a bit of a break from make up. In addition to trying to find confidence in how I look au naturale, I'm also doing it to improve my quality of skin before the holidays. I don't want to be caking on make up the way I do now when (if) it gets really warm outside and I don't want to be breaking out like crazy during the highlight of my year.

I used to not wear any make up, but for the past year or so I'v ebeen gradually piling on more and more.So, from now on for the next week I will not be wearing any makeup (not even concealer...eeeks), minus my graduation day on Saturday.
Step 1: Unveiling my naked face
Step 2: Keeping it that way.

I'll be interested to see how that works out. I will definitely be revamping my already neurotic skincare routine!


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