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Friday, May 27, 2011

A new day, A new outfit

Had a fabulous day today.  A bit of shopping and bagels in the morning with my girl, Charlotta. After that we went to her house for a fun day of pampering: a ton of strawberries, chocolate facials, self-tanner, experimenting with hair products (btw, dry shampoo TOTALLY works)and daytime tv.
My mum has a gala for work so I had to give her a bit of a makeover. I think it turned out rather well, considering I only had 30 minutes to get her hair and makeup done!
Waking up super-early in the morning tomorrow so I can get to the flea-market early and set up my stand! Hope the weather's nice, since it's outside...

Denim shirt from MONKI, Oxfords from H&M, leggings, a top and a headscarf.

My rather worn-out bag

My BFF of five years. We pretty much settled that on the day we met :)

A manicure I tried out. Ended up looking a bit sloppy, but I like the 60's mod colour blocking. Better luck (or skills) next time!

Ta-ta 'till then

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