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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturdays are for partying

Since this is my first post I figured I should probably make some sort of introduction. So, my name is Irinja, but everyone just calls me Ninja. I love working out, shopping, walking my dogs, travelling and writing...among MANY other things. One of my favourite things to do is to shop at my local fleamarket, which leads me to the most exciting finds ever, like my gorgeous FAUX-fur coat, which I got for only five euros!
I'm not very original in my blog concept, since fashion blogs nowadays are like fish in the sea. Just like everyone else I'll be giving you a glimpse into my day-to-day styles, fashion faves and whatever else I might come up with.

To the actual point of this post... A friend of mine is turning 18 today, so a celebration is in order! Just a small girl's night, which is exactly what I need after this intense spring of balancing school and work. Hopefully it'll be as fun as I expect and I'll meet some cool people.
And obviously a party isn't really a party if you can't strut your stuff in an incredible outfit! After tons of careful consideration (picking an outfit's never too easy), I decided to go with this very simple but (hopefully!) chic ensemble:
A fitted T-shirt dress from the fleamarket (50 cents!!!), a basic gray blazer  from H&M (25euros, if I remember correctly) and a pair of buckled booties from H&M (30euros) 

I fell in love with the scooped back of the dress! (sorry about the crappy picture)

As a vintage-y finishing touch, I'm planning on wearing my gran's old handbag, Nateva design. Damn, she had it going on in the sixties!!!

Thanks for reading! xxx

UPDATE: That was one hell of a party. Met heaps of new people (just like I wished) and had some pretty random conversations (about dual flush loos). On a fashion note, I decided my outfit needed a bit of colour so I opted for a bright red lip stain to top things off. Three separate people (strangers) complimented me on how foreign I looked. I also kept hearing that I looked somewhat french. 
Anyways, good night and may many happy saturdays come your way!

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JaanElin said...

Tökkään tuosta laukusta! Dig it!