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Saturday, July 9, 2011

In summer, the song sings itself

As I promised: a sun-filled update for you guys from the Island of Strömsö- the most lavish summer residence I have ever visited!

  • Most of the time was spent by the pool or watching movies or giggling till we couldn't breathe. 
  • The most frequent sentence was "Oh my god, I'm so relaxed right now". 
  • We ate when we were hungry (so pretty much all the time). 
  • I now feel bad for the pool boy we stalked (but I'll be the first to admit that he was FIT)
  • We read about 12 magazines.
So all in all quite a lovely weekend (thanks S if you're reading this ;)!

Here's some well-selected pictures for you lot (pretty quiet on the fashion front though, sorry):

Super chunky and comfy knit from H&M barely seen race-marine shoes (but they're not that special).

Nothing comes between me and my Levi's ;) Got these boyfriend cut (soo comfy) jeans at Cruel Age for 35 euros (75% off)

Gorgeous room. I fell in love with these Laura Ashley lamps. I think she should consider a career in interior decorating.

A big pile of glamour, cosmo and Marie Claire back issues= tons of fun!

Having dinner at the club (the snails were yum!...and the grilled burgers too...not to mention the chocolate cake. I'm SO spoiled)

I thrifted a maxi skirt, but then I noticed that  it doesn't really suit my short (and slightly dumpy) figure. So I made it into a high waisted skirt (above) AND a crop top (below).

Believe it or not: WE MADE THIS ICE CREAM! And it was so good that it almost beat ben and jerry's...almost

Their doggy, Noosa. She's one of those cute crazy ones :)

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