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Sunday, July 24, 2011


And very stereotypical ones may, if I may say so. My dad caught a bit of a tummy bug/food poisoning yesterday so we've been taking it easy on the shopping today. We've gone to see the Hagia Sofia and the Blue Mosque this morning and it was absolutely fantastic! If anyone's thinking of coming here, those are two locations that are not to be missed.
Now it's naptime before we head out to lunch and then to see the newest Potter-film.

Here's a batch of touristy pictures for you lot:

The Hagia (or Aya) Sofia

The Aya from the inside

Some of the bysantine mosaic work that's survived

The view of the sea from the Aya

The blue mosque

Me working the blue scarf in the mosque

Enjoying a cooling strawberry milkshake

The Aya from a distance

Some ottoman-style architecture

I think that it's about time to wake up my daddy now and find lunch somewhere before the film. I'm having such a wonderful time (but it's going so fast!) here and I never want to leave.

With love, from Istanbul



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