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Monday, July 11, 2011

To top it off

-Hi everyone my name is Irinja. And I'm a recovering Potter-holic.
-Hi Irinja!

Those who know me well know that I used to be a truly insane Potter-fan. I haven't called myself a fan for the past few years, but when I heard that my two favourite actors from the series, the devastatingly handsome Phelps twins, were coming to Helsinki I just couldn't stay away.

During the interview part they were hilarious, and once I got closer I noticed they were really tall too...YUM...Sorry H! (my boyfriend :P).

I ended up getting my shirt (triwizard tournament hogwarts jersey to be exact. Yes, I was a bit of a geek!) signed by both of the lovely young men, and James (who seemed more vocal) even posed for a picture with me and a new friend I made at the event. When time came to say something, all I could do was squeal. God, I'm such a spaz!

I was expecting to feel really jittery after, but instead I feel a bit melancholic. I guess it's a bit sad to notice that you're growing out of something that you were so very fond of.

Here's some pictures for your delight (or dissapointment...I don't know :P)

Posing with James. They really do have that comical factor, just like their characters.  

These smiles are a reaction to a sea of screaming chicks. I wouldn't complain either ;)

That's all I got of Oliver. Fortunately I did get his autograph (YAY). 

I have to credit another girl with this picture. She had the extra two centimeters of height to  reach this angle.  Thanks! :)

Most of the time I was there I suffered with quite a bit of claustrophobia and achy feet....But I'm thinking it was worth it! SUCH sweet boys (and always so dapper).


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Stine Mo said...

Oh my god I'm so jealous!! Lucky you