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Thursday, July 28, 2011

A walk in the park

In the morning we took a bit of stroll through the Gülhane park right by our hotel. It was not just a great way to relax, but also to escape the heat! Afterwards we walked around town for a while and ended up having a light lunch at Starbucks (pesto, mozarella and sundried tomato sandwiches.mmmm!). At 2 we headed to the Hamam (Turkish bath-house) for some R&R. 
The Hamam was the loveliest experience ever. You start off on a hot slab of marble, sweating like in a sauna. Afterwards a masseuse comes over to scrub off all the dead skin (boy, there was a lot!). That is followed by a lovely bubble/foam massage (ahhhh). After that you can take a dip in a super hot jacuzzi, cool off with some chilly water and continue to lay on the hot slab. I also purchased an extra treatment: a facial (for 7 euros). IIt started with a scrub followed by a mud mask and finishing off with an oily massage to moisturize. Perfecto!
After dinner we went back to our favourite café for our final desserts here.
Tomorrow were going to spend the morning shopping for spices and we leave for home at about noon (flight leaves at 3). In a way it's terribly sad to elave this gorgeous country, but I know that my bf will be there to pick me up at the airport (YAY!) 
High-waist shorts with a tiny daisy print, a basic white top and a scarf. All purchased here :)

We took a detour after the Hamam to the Grand bazaar in the search of a lovely little jewellery shop with the greatest prices- and we found it (after walking around for AGES in the labyrinth-like market)

A ring from Pakistan (rather big) for less than 5euro

An anklet with little bells, 2,5 euros

A necklace (less than 5)

I don't think that I'll be up to posting anything tomorrow, since we get home after midnight. I will, however, try to get back to you already on Saturday.

From Istanbul,


(No XXXX's ;)


Esther said...

Man I could use some of that massage, dead skin, spa treatment of yours haha.
Cute outfit.x

Paulien said...

I wouldn't mind a treatment at a hamam right now.. Sounds wonderful!

Enjoy the last moments of your vacation! Your shorts are supercute by the way.

JaanElin said...

Mageet kesäshortsit! ja on kyllä tullut käytettyä jumpsuitteja tänä kesänä, niin helppo asukokonaisuus ja vielä hyvännäköiset :D