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Friday, July 22, 2011

First impressions

These post might come in a bit of a random order since whatever is finished loading first gets published first, but hopefully you can keep up. I had to split my photos into different post because the internet is CRAZY here, it wouldn't let me upload more than 5 photos for each (at least for now).

I arrived in Istanbul with my dad at around 4 (but made it out the airport just before 5). Here's a quick recap or what's happened so far:
We took the tube downtown and then took a taxi, which got lost and just sort of dumped us on the side of the street (plus TOTALLY overcharged). Somehow we managed to find our hotel (thank goodness). It's very neat, has AC, perfect location.Went out for a bit of a walk and dinner in this gorgeous city (I have a few piccies for you :). Now I'm blogging and the dad's watching the news (shocking about Oslo...). Cherries. mmm. Such an adventure just to get here, but I've tackled it with a sense of humour and loved every minute!

A local ice cream, dondürma. Flavour's pretty average but it "stretches". Also the vendors put on a bit of a show (almost dance-like) when they serve it, quite peculiar but lovely.

One of many beautiful mosques we've seen

A tunnel with lots of little stores (I bought a top there)

A bridge under which you can walk, drink and dine. We had a lovely sea-food dinner at a restaurant with an amazing waterfront view. Shrimp salad, fried crablegs, fish on a skewer, chilly shrimp cocktail -and a rose from the waiter, who seemed to take a liking to me after hearing that my dad is in fact my dad, not my boyfriend. 

I'm really cherishing this time with my dad since he lives in Sweden because of his job. And I always love to experience new places and cultures. Tomorrow I think we're heading to the grand bazaar. This is going to be a full week, but I'm hoping that I can catch the final Potter-movie while I'm here as well.

Any Istanbul travel-tips from those who've been here?

Hope you guys are well!



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