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Monday, July 11, 2011

The outfit

So what did I wear to meet my tweenhood crushes?

A little bit of this and that:

I felt like mixing prints today: a bikini top from god knows where + printed shorts from Gina Tricot, toned down with  a navy-blue MONKI dress (worn as a top here)= Something I would love to wear on holiday to like the French Riviera (keep dreaming). Topped off with my H&M kid's gladiators and wayfarer-style sunnies. Simple ;)

I fell in love with these casual chic shorts yesterday while sales shopping and I had to get them. Good thing they were only 5 euros!!! I love sales...

Rocking orange nailpolish (from Magnetic) for a popping contrast and a simple twisted gold-coloured chain from Glitter.

That's all folks!

Have a rocking week.


1 comment:

Annebeth said...

thanks for your sweet comment! I totally understand, I follow certain blogs with TOTALLY different style than mine but I still get inspired! love those pimpin shorts :)