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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One more for my wishlist

Today has been despicably uninspiring fashionwise. I had a lovely gossip day with J. We tried to watch "I still know what you did last summer", but we couldn't bring ourselves to finish it (not because the plot was scary, but because Jennifer Love Hewitt's style was...and the whole 90s thing...). The second most exciting thing I did today was mow the lawn. So, yeah not much.

However, I have been flipping through quite a few fashion mags and blogs and I have found my next must-have: LEATHER SHORTS. Yes, I know not an entirely innovative fashion forward idea, but I love how you can wear them with virtually anything. I adore how they spice up a preppy outfit and bring that extra oomph to rock chic. I recently found a great (and affordable!) pair at weekday, but they were out of my sizes. So naturally I had to go online. Instead of finding a pair to purchase I found 20 to drool over.

Here's some great looks, needless to say I love them:
See by Chloe

my favourites

I love this look from fashion freax!

On Alexa Chung
If I was one of those girls whose legs just went on and on (and on...), I would definitely wear a pair like  the two above!

If you own a pair, please link me a look of yours! I would love some more inspiration while I wait for my perfect pair to show up somewhere in the world!

Leather shorts yay/nay in your opinion?

Thanks for reading/commenting/following, it makes my day!




sophie foster said...

i love leather shorts but they would never look right on me!
i will do tutorial on my nails some time tonight because i am re-painting them, check back soon :)

Ninja said...

oooh I can't wait!


Camilla said...

i need a pair so bad!

x Camilla

Linda said...

I think leather shorts look amazing but I don't know if I would be able to pull it off! (:

Miksu said...

leather clothes are not really my thing, I think they can look great on someone else but not my style :D

Madeline said...

I've honestly never worn a pair, but I really like the brown ones from the third picture. Those look amazing! :)

A BRIT GREEK said...

Love leather shorts - it would have to be a spring or autumn wear though as it's 43 degrees where i am!

Thanks for stopping by!