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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blogging overload. beep, beep, beep...CRASH!

Since I've already treated you lot to quite a bit of posts today (obviously I have nothing to do) I'll make this one nice and short. Here's a quick outfit post of what I wore to the grocery store (yes, that was the highlight of my day).

Summer basics: H&M floral waistcoat, black  Zara top, H&M shorts and  H&M crocheted ballerinas. I could almost star in an ad for a certain little store...

My new thrifted bag, which reminds me of the container for my vintage-binoculars. I just had to get it :)

A close up of the lovely rustic print on the waistcoat.

      For those of my regular readers who were a little puzzled when my last post was bilingual: since the competition was on a Finnish blog I figured it might be nice to write my entry in Finnish as well. For the time being, however, my blog will remain primarily in English (basically because my skills in Finnish are rather limited. Read: sad).

I'm looking forward to a REALLY exciting week. Hope everything works out as it should

Here's to a magnificent week for all of us!


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