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Sunday, July 3, 2011

See the silver lining

If you ever think of making an avocado hair-mask out of a raw avocado think again (because you won't "make it work"..and no putting it in the microwave won't help. At all)!

  • I ended up with goopy chunks of avo all over my hair (such a pain to pick out individually) and my sink.
  • My hair is still a bit sticky despite washing it several times.
  • I also managed to drop my mobile into the bathtub in the process (it was lodged in the "universal pocket" aka my bra. And when I bent over to rinse...yeah.). It's not really responding at the moment, so I might be in a bit of trouble.
Today was another lazy summer's day. Had a bit of a beauty experimenting date with my friend (fail) and then we watched Monaco's royal wedding (laced with our sarcastic sense of humour and laughing at the awful commentators who couldn't even pronounce the couple's names!). 

Couldn't really get a decent picture of my outfit due to the whole hair debacle..then again it wasn't THAT incredible I just love the sweatshirt:

Not my picture, but my shirt was purchased from H&M a little under a year ago and I love it. The child in me is completely obsessed with Mickey (hey, Micky!) and I think that this is beyond cute! As mine's a few sizes too big it goes nicely over my bum ensuring that I can safely wear leggings under. Ahhh, the comfort!

Hope you've had as productive of a day!


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