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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Three S's

Sunshine, shopping and studying (I know, the last one's rather disappointing...I guess could'v also used sunglasses, Spanish tourists or spaghetti, but that paints a more realistic picture).

Lots of Zara for me today: top from Zara (originally a blouse from like a year or two back. It got so much wear and tear that I thought I'd have to throw it away, but I couldn't. Soooo, I chopped off the sleeves!), black velvet shorts from Zara as well. 

This piece of gorgeousness arrived yesterday from ASOS. Whopee! I also figured out that my ears are, in fact, rather gargantuan , which gives a bit of a squished effect. Not that it's gonna stop me from wearing them, of course!

I bought this lovely hat (among quuuuite a few other things...oops.) at the first fleamarket from a lovely old woman (2,5 euros!). Land ahoy!

The second fleamarket (Hietsu) is the perfect setting for some summer shopping. Unfortunately this picture might misrepresent it, because this old guy came to harass me about my camera before I got a good shot...

Because I have a (really) bad habit of hiding my bag in outfit shots here's one of today's bag. H&M, borrowed from my sister :)
I think studying for my history matriculations has temporarily made me more pensive than I should be in the summer. And I've been thinking about why it is that I even write this blog.
Without getting too philosophical... I think that what they say is so true: girls dress to impress girls. I mean pretty much everybody who reads fashion blogs, participates in them and has one,  is a girl. But while I always aim to impress anyone who might end up on this (slightly pitiful) blog, I like to think that I dress and write to express myself. However, I can't help feeling a twinge of jealousy whenever I read a blog that's obviously better than mine (or see a really out-there outfit I wish I'd had the guts to wear!). So I guess the sad truth is that I'm here, I'm me and I really want you to love it. That's all.

I'd just like to thank all my readers (cough cough, there's six) for putting up with me (even through this post). 

Love you!



Sarah said...

can't get over how cute the ear chain is. LOVING it. and your ears are not huge. hush. And I miss your fleamarket

Ninja said...

haha thanks, I'm quite attached to it myself! It was a bit hardr to smush them in there than I imagined! You should, it's amazing :D