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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Saturation therapy

 That's what my father calls today. Desperate to cure my ridiculous shopping addiction he thought that if I got to get anything I wanted for one day I might find it enough. We went to a cheap clothes market on the Asian side of Istanbul (now I've been to ASIA!) and I pretty much got to pick what I wanted (everything cost only a couple of euros if that). I can say that for now I think the "therapy" may have worked...then again I still have my sights set on finding the perfect pair of harem pants.

The king of rock, mr Elvis Presley :D

A knit/vest/crochet-detail thingyme. 

Maiden's tower (famous from James Bond). 
A teaser of my loot.

Needless to say I love my father, but I love his silly ideas even more :P

Lots of fun shopping to you lot as well!!!



Esther said...

HEAVEN! That knit vest thingy is pretty cool ^^

True said...

cool t shirt!

- True