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Monday, July 18, 2011

Look out sunshine!

Today was unbelievably chill: waking up after noon, sunbathing and hanging out with my sister. In the evening I met up with a friend for coffees...which soon turned into shopping. Oops!
Now I'm curled up on my sofa next to my purring laptop with the Fratellis invading my ears and forcing an involuntary toe-tap. This is the life:)
It's still taking time to get used to my new hair. I think it has finally finished developing the colour (it went redder for a few days). I'm still (positively) shocked every time I look in the mirror. But I'm in love with it.

Outfit of the day: Dress with bow details from Camden market (10 pounds) and  Dinsko heels bought off of  Emmi.

I have a bit of a sunglasses-fetish. Bought these retro ones on holiday in Estonia last year for 60cents.

I know I have stubby little sausage-fingers, but dammit I WILL wear big rings!

A bit of bling from GLITTER.

I couldn't NOT buy these gorgeous chunky heels from H&M, especially when the price-tag had a big red clearance sign  with a 3 on it. Yes, 3 euros. I've wanted a pair ever since they came in, but I'm way too cheap to pay 40e for summer shoes (It's only warm enough to wear them for a marginal time).
I was randomly reflecting on this summer I remembered this outfit (the tutu one) and how amazing I felt in it. MUST.WEAR.AGAIN!

I'm looking forward to a very busy few weeks: I'll be catching up with mates tomorrow and on Wednesday. Thursday is my packing day (and beach day with yet another friend) and on Friday I'm jetting off to beautiful Istanbul with my dad. The hotel should have wireless internet, so if in any way possible I'll be updating my blog from there, but if I can't you're looking at a HUGE update afterwards. I can't wait!

All the best to you lot 




Carlinn said...

Cute dress! i love your different colored nails :)

dressingup-everyday said...

Very cute dress and sunnies!

mary louise said...

your hair is lovely!

Fashionistable said...

I love red hair. You look great. Oh talk your BF into a kilt. I have been trying to get my husband into one for years now. Until our last trip to Scotland 2 months he kept telling me I was weird. Now he gets it which is brilliant. Enjoy your holiday. Xxxx

Ariel Maile Adkins said...

Sounds like a perfect day! I adore those shoes, they are so cute with the outfit (my favorite color is green!).

I'm a new follower!

Nikki said...

3 euros? These shoes are fabulous! x

doyouspeakgossip said...

Love your nails and your red hair! You're really lucky to have bought those shoes for only 3 euros!
Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! Hope to see you soon! :)

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