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Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's a family matter

 It's so funny how time flies. Just three short years ago I celebrated my own confirmation (I have since become and atheist...oops. My mum, a priest, has already damned me to hell), and today we held festivities for my baby-sister who had her's yesterday. At the risk of sounding like an old lady: I'm so proud to see that she has turned into such a beautiful, principled and intelligent young woman, who I'm thrilled to call my sister.

The party was a lovely gathering of relatives, godparents of my sister and friends. This was also the occasion when I chose to present boyfriend (of a bit over a year) to the relatives. I was especially excited to introduce him to my granny (who I'm ever so close to). I've been a bit hush about the whole thing so she had no idea, but her reaction was the best :) She kept smiling and hugging me, and poking him exclaiming how handsome he is. Haha :D Got to love grandparents.

I'll be staying this week at my bf's place, but I'll be keeping in touch as usual. A little birdie told me we're going on a picnic tomorrow :)

I don't believe that you've met my feel-good shoes yet: These babies are from BIANCO, they're slightly platformed, very tall and rather chunky. Just the leverage I need. Black shoes go with virtually anything and I think they just scream me! I get compliments on them every single time I wear them. 

Now we're playing Mario Party on the gamecube in our PJ's after watching an episode of Poirot :) Life is so good!

BIG hugs and kisses.



Elien | said...

Thank you for your sweet comment, they always make me smile :-)

Love this dress on you, you look fab!


nice flowy effect!



Catalina Macarena said...

I love this outfit xxx

Stevia said...

ooh your pleated dress is too pretty
a picnic sounds lovely!
have fun on your picnic :)


Jeline said...

Love the dress!