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Thursday, July 14, 2011

You can't touch this

I've been indoors for quite a few days studying, reading magazines and watching tv and eventually this lead to me feeling a bit under the weather. I decided that it had to come to an end so I rang up my friend for a shopping date in the city. I came back with an abundance (at least for my usual standards) of lovely sales items for some pampering and beautifying. And venting to someone really helps with the frustration. Just what I needed!

This morning I opted for my floral H&M jumpsuit and a denim jacket. As I got dressed I feel I was possessed by MC Hammer. All I wanted to do was that silly little dance, so here's to one of our greatest fashion icons. Mr. Hammer!

Floral jumpsuit from H&M and denim jacket from H&M kids (boys section!)

combined with some *cough cough* wicked dance moves.
My mini-statement piece of the day: an Alchemy England ear-chain with the words "coeur noir" inscribed on the cuff

And dinsko strappy heels.

Sometimes when you're having a not so pulled-together day, it's good to have a bit of a giggle at yourself :)

1 comment:

Deanna Wagner said...

don't know if I could ever pull off a jumpsuit, but I really want that ear chain! no mainstream store sells them so it's going to take some vintage hunting to find them.
thanks for commenting on my blog! I like your honesty.