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Sunday, April 1, 2012

she works hard for her money

Last week was all work work work and half of the coming week will be as well...BUT on Thursday my BFF(&E) and I are taking the cruise ship to Sweden where we'll be spending a few days :) yaaaaay! And today I get to chill with my silly boy and a bottle of champagne... so life's good :)

A cute little mash-up look (sailor and biker :P). Acid wash jeans from dr denim (my new faves cos they're ummm big. ninja's had a few too many tubs of ben and jerry's), biker jacket from atmosphere, and a vintage scarf and hat :)

Very very much love to all you darlings! 
I was going to April fool all of you, but I couldn't come up with a good count yourselves lucky ;)


p.s. exactly 1 month to my anniversary with H :)


SandM said...

Love ur jeans! :)
Take care xoxo

Lizzie said...

This look is so cool pretty lady :)

Yay for a good day with your guy! Sometimes all I feel I do is work work work too gahhh oh least we have some monies! lol


Kaitlin said...

totally love the scarf darling

xo kaitlin