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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pregnancy Chic

When I was younger I was SCARED of pregnant ladies. Now that the idea of a slimy little human being growing IN someone is slightly less frightening (I'm in no hurry to experience this for myself!), I tend to find mothers to be quite adorable with that baby glow and a cute big belly. I see many incredibly stylish mamas to be come into my Subway every day and it makes me go "ooh" and then HOW in the world do these women make a huge tummy look so glamorous. Lately I've seen pictures of terribly stylish preggo celebrities all over the place and that's what inspired me to make this post. Because it just proves that anyone can look amazing with a bit of effort.



littlemissandrea said...

So true! I find a lot of women lose their fashion sense when they become pregnant! These pictures show it's totally possible to be a mommy and be stylish & chic!

Esther said...

Totally agree with @littlemisssandrea, a little effort is all it take but instead when people are pregnant they stop caring less about how they look. Which brings me to the next thing that is... women who are taken (some)look so ridiculously unfashionable than they did when they were single, they don't feel the need to make themselves up because they feel they've found their 'prince charming' and so they lose all (most) of their fashion sense. It's so sad.

When I'll be preggers I will be so fashionable and rocking those booty shorts like never before ^___^