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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Call for help!

I can honestly say that this is the most perfect dress I've ever seen! And what's more amazing is that the girl in the Picture (Jennifer W. on lookbook) has designed this herself. What's not so amazing is that it made it to the top of the "hot" page, cos it damn well deserves to. I have made it my personal mission to buy a similar bodiced dress and add the see through hem. Do you happen to know where I could find ANYTHING similar to this???

BTW, I just made sandwiches (I almost wrote sandWISHES) for 12,5 hours and I feel like a potato.



Sarah said...

ahahha I love that you feel like a potato and how much that makes sense.

that dress is really really cool, I can't think of anywhere that has a bodice like that, but if you want to have a little DIY I'd recommend buying a curtain or table cloth with a lace pattern you want, maybe dying it the color you want, and stitching it into a plain strapless dress, then you can have the exact same lace to put on the bottom of the gauzey bit!

Sarah said...

I don't know where you can get one similar, but it is amazing, it's so elegant! xx

Cymone said...

That dress is STUNNING!!!! I wish I knew where you could get something similar. I would love it in a nice teal color :D