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Monday, April 2, 2012

Day to Night

My incredibly springy look from last week (unfortunately right now we can forget about the sunshine and the light jackets cos winter came back banging last night). 
Dress from Zara, biker jacket from atmosphere and sunnies and booties from H&M. I took this look out for a walk with H and then out to the city at night to celebrate the end of my exams...and even though this was just my day look I felt REALLY overdressed. Finland :P <3

Normally my hair curls a little naturally and I enhance the effect by sleeping with my hair in a bun. However inspired by last month's Glamour I decided to try their "perfect bedhead". The process summarized is this: curl hair, apply hairspray, SLEEP and then curl front pieces again in the morning if needed. And it worked wonderfully! I don't love curling my hair, cos it ends up looking too sculpted and unnatural, but sleeping on it really gave it that sexy oomph. AND this picture was taken at around 4pm and my hair remained the same till 2am when we crawled back home from the pub with H  :) I highly recommend this, especially if your hair tends to hold onto curls well. I won't be doing this too often, just because I don't trust heat protective spray all that much, but for special occasions or when I need a bit of a pick-me-up this style is priceless! One more for the repertoire...

I've gotten myself super addicted to How I Met Your Mother, so after another day at work I think I
 just going to wind down with an episode or seven.



indie by heart said...

Ihana kuva :> Ja tuo tunika on tosi n├Ątti!

x Satu
- Indie by Heart

Lizzie said...

I love that dress paired with the cute :)

You hair looks mighty sexayyyy hehe


Esther said...

Oh don't you just hate when that happens, you feel over dressed because of the people around you.
Such a cute outfit!xx