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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sooooo tired

I am completely wiped out, even after spending the better part of today in bed. Last night was super and I managed to get some snaps of it (I'll post them as soon as H sends them to me), I enjoyed the free champagne and tasty marshmallows, but didn't really get to much shopping. The long lines to the changing rooms and the terribly unflattering minty green jeans that I tried on sort of put me off. But I did really enjoy the DJ and the general atmosphere. We continued our night out with sushi and a walk around town :)

Here are pictures of an outfit I wore earlier this week. Enjoy!

rocker tee, oversized knit and matching shoes and bag :) ahh the simple pleasures in life!



Clément Dezelus said...

Amazing outfit ! Love your shades !

Mary Lou said...

oh my god you still have snow??
anyhow you look amazing! i love your rock tee and those sunnies!

Kaitlin said...

aww you look so adorable. and not to mention totally warm!
i love your scarf dear

xo kaitlin