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Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Kind Of Safari

You, my friends, are witnessing something truly rare: Ninja wearing a skirt. And a very practical and cute one may I add! A few weeks back at the fleamarket this little thing caught my eye, and despite the slightly jammy zipper it has become one of my favourite things to wear.
I spent a large chunk of last week in Härnösand in Sweden and despite the trip being about seeing relatives (well, my bff's relatives), we managed to squeeze some shopping in! I got a gorgeous pair of leather pants (which made S's parents as well as mine cringe) and a beach wave spray that is INSANELY volumizing (and only for 3 euros). 
I have also decided to have a brow bar night very soon and try to recreate those classic Audrey brows (straight along the eyes with a kink in the end...okay so hard to explain) and also hopefully dye them a shade of two darker.
Finally: I HAVE THE WEEKEND OFF. Which means that Ninja is going fleamarketting. Ah, the joy.
Vest from Monki, random top, leggings, THE skirt and winter booties

plus I think I actually accomplished something with my hair and makeup :P That lipstick is absolutely stunning (as I should be, cos H and I spent about and hour trying to figure out the perfect shade!)



Sarah said...

cutie! I don't comment very often but I love this whole look, playful yet sophisticated!

SandM said...

Love ur glasses <3
Take care xoxo

Esther said...

Love the lipstick, it looks so good on you!xx