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Monday, April 30, 2012

Two years of coupled up bliss

It's my 2 year anniversary with H, but unfortunately we can't spend much of it together as we're both working, so I put together a little somethin somethin here :)
There is no big love story about how we met, we spent about 1 and a half years in the same class, quite happily indifferent to each other, when I started to really like this silly, skinny, cute boy :) One thing lead to another and one of my best friends persuaded me to ask him out, the wimp that I was I asked him out by text :P We actually had our first date exactly two years ago at the cinema, where we went to see the movie about John Lennon "Nowhere Boy", as we both LOVE the Beatles. And afterwards we walked around for a bit and then had chicken wraps at maccy d's. Very PG, I didn't even get a kiss (later he told me that was because he didn't want to scare me off my moving too quickly! haha :). LOOOONG story short, we've been attached by the hip ever since.
Our first ever kissy photo, possibly the first photo of the two of us together :) From a school trip to Sicily. We had spent the previous summer dating sort of under the radar (not exactly in secret, but a little hush hush) so us "coming out"  was a huge surprise for some people.

Still in Sicily. Story behind the pic: on this particular outing my dear H got quite a bit tipsy at a restaurant over the lunch break and as we met up again I had to give him sunnies, water and chewing gum, walk with arms linked so he'd walk straight and avoid the teachers at all costs :P This left me a bit bummed out, but as a surprise photo reveals, it's impossible to stay mad at that cutie!

We went to our ball together (you guys HAVE to see a better piccie of my dress as well) and we had the best time :)

When a man brings you roses and chocolate for no other reason than that he missed you, he's a definite keeper :)

Thinking about the future right now seems quite daunting, as in just four and a half months we have to start our year-long long distance relationship as he goes to complete his mandatory military service and I start my studies in Scotland. But we always manage to pull-through :) Here's hoping that we're in the tiny percentage of High School relationships that actually makes it :P (not that I really doubt it for a second!).



Lizzie said...

Awwwww yay, such an adorable story and set of photos!! Best wishes and many years to come for you lovely couple :)

Also, me and my hubs starting dating when I was 16 and he was 17....and we have been happily together ever since....almost 8 years now! Soooo, that being said....high school relationships can DEFINITELY make it :D


Sarah said...

OH MY GOODNESS cute overload. I can't handle this. GAH! I love you and this is actually the cutest photoset EVER. I may or may not be one of the friends that asked you to ask him out?

Cicatrix said...

voi teitä, so cute <3

Esther said...

Awww you lovebirds look so happy together. You're definitely made to be, wish you the best in the future and more happy anniversaries to come!


The girl who's gonna be 'forever alone' LOL

Esther said...

P.S Ninja you've been awarded with an award on myyy bloggza, check it out! xoxo