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Monday, April 23, 2012

California Dreaming

My friend, B, is currently in California and just finished an amazing weekend at the Coachella festival, while I'm stuck here in Finland where nothing ever happens :P I swear that one day I'll fly off to Cali for the festival, to soak up the sun, the music and all the exciting people. It would be an absolute dream...but till then I think I'm stuck with looking at pictures to take me to a happy place in my mind (or something like that).
So here's some festival fashion inspiration from celebrities and real people alike, Cali style:

My lovely love, H, started his new job at McDonald's this morning and I was excited like a fussy parent on their kid's 1st day at school: doing his hair, feeding him breakfast, giving him a healthy snack to take with... :) Can't wait to hear all about it.

I'm just taking it easy, enjoying my only day off for almost a week and eating froot loops straight out of the box...yum.



Cymone said...

going to Coachella would be a dream, and each year I have to just look at the pictures ;( one year I have to go and just enjoy the festival. The second best part of Coachella is seeing all the different styles, they are always so creative and fun.


SandM said...

Gorgeous pics! <3
Take care xoxo

Blogger said...

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